**I AM 68 and American. After years of struggling I now have found my teacher. Corinne is so sweet and patient. I highly recommend her!
(Nancy, USA)

**VERY GOOD RESULTS, much fun! Lovely teacher.
Found a job after 4 months. Thanks Corinne.
(Louise, Scotland)

**AS A PhD student at the University of Nice with little French knowledge, Corinne has been essential to improving my French. With my need to present in French, Corinne's tutoring has been essential to improving my reading, pronunciation, and confidence that is instilled through relaxed conversation. I would recommend Corinne to anyone looking for an effective and personalized approach to tutoring. (Alexis, Canada)

**WE HAVE DONE private lessons at home. My husband is an international lawyer, lots of travelling. Because of the flexibility we have learnt a lot. Highly recommended.
(Nell, Australia)

**A RELAXED WAY of learning French in the evening.
Adapted to our needs.
(Pat and Dee, Ireland)

** I HAVE JOINED the very efficient lunch lessons in the Port of Fontvieille. Regarding my busy international job, a very good choice. I highly recommend.
(Mark, UK)

**JUST WHAT I needed: daily conversations.
No boaring grammar, (not easy when you are in your sixtees), she is very dynamic!
(Anna-Lisa, Norway)

**A GOOD AND vert friendly teacher with a lot of experience and a lot of patience.
(John, USA)

**I NEEDED CONVERSATION lessons for my job.
Needed to practice how to deal with phone calls etc.
She was of great help.
I have started my own company in Nice now.
(Elvira, Netherlands)

**BECAUSE OF MY busy international job, no time for homework, but good results. She is very flexible! Highly recommended! She is lovely.
(Mark, UK)

**I HAVE LEARNT a lot about the language and the country. Needed just some "holiday" French. Good teacher!
(Patrick, Belgium)

**MORE THAN JUST a teacher. She is a coach.
I didn't have much confidence, especially after a bad experience with a bad teacher.
I have had a great time with Corinne.
(Kristina, Australia)

(2 kids, 8 and 11, USA)

**SHE IS NICE and fun!
(Natalie, 9, USA)

**WE WILL BE moving back to England. Thank you so much for all your lessons, I have really enjoyed them.
(Alex, UK)

**THANK YOU SO much for the lessons. You worked on the areas that I need to be able to comprehend and also to speak. I promise to keep working on it and I will try to practice with the French people that we encounter. When we return to the south of France I will contact you for more lessons.
(Julie, USA)

** I AM SO grateful to have had the opportunity to learn French with Corinne! As a student with a frequently changing schedule, I really appreciated how accommodating and flexible Corinne was. She organized such fun and creative classes including watching short movies and lunch lessons with other students. Interacting and speaking with so many other French learners really helped me to learn quickly and effectively.

Corinne is such a fun, energetic, and devoted teacher who tailors her teaching methods for the style of every student.
I recommend French Classes Monaco to all!
(Ellen, Canada)

** I STARTED A few months ago and will definitely continue! Lessons with Corinne are different. She has a personal approach, good results, much fun. Very positive!
(Roberto, Brazil)

** I ARRIVED IN Monaco with no knowledge of French and had to start from the basics. Corinne has patiently taught me in private lessons and my understanding of French is coming on steadily.
Corinne is an excellent teacher and has become a very good friend!
(Patricia, South-Africa)

** I HAVE BEEN taking classes for 18 months now with Corinne. Her lessons are structured and professional but always in a nice and relaxed atmosphere with good humor. She is very flexible and accomodating which is so important when you work and have small children. When I started I could literally not speak one sentence in French. Now we have good conversations.
I happily recommend her!
(Rikke, Denmark)

** I LIKE MY lessons with Corinne very much! It is relaxed and we do a lot of speaking. I also like the group lessons, because I can speak with people of a similar level.
(John, UK)

** I STARTED PRIVATE lessons with Corinne in early 2015. I had completed "0" level French at school in the UK 46 years ago and rarely used it since! I have progressed steadily under Corinne's tutelage and the lessons have always been good fun. I am now able to read French fairly well, understand a lot of spoken French and am beginning to be able to converse. This after a few months only.
Corinne has proven to be an excellent tutor and I am confident that I will progress steadily to the point of being able to converse competently under her guidance.
(Dave, UK/South-Africa)

** WITH CORINNE I ffinally understand the grammar! She can explain like no one else, with patience and humour.
(Evgenia, Russia)

** I LIKE HER flexibility and she ia simply the best teacher you can find.
(Anthony, UK)

** ALTHOUGH I TRAVEL a lot, she never gives up and keeps me on the track. This is what I need. Oh and she is lovely.
(Patty, Greece)

** THE LADIES GROUP is big fun!
(Several ladies from the Netherlands, UK, USA, Russia, Ireland, Denmark, South-Africa)

** IN JUST 6 weeks more results then 2 years at school. She is very professional and helpful.
(Jessica UK)

** I LOVE HER lessons in Monaco and in Skype. She is a wonderful teacher!!
(Natasha, UK)

**BOTH MY 6 year old son and I have improved our French immensely while working with Corinne. She is organised and always capable of adapting a lesson to your individual needs. My son was a ‘late’ speaker, no French at all, working with Corinne has given him confidence and boosted his French vocabulary a lot - and the same for me. I would highly recommend Corine to anyone no matter age or level!
(Rikke, Denmark)

** ON THE FIRST day with Corinne it was very fun with dot to dots to learn numbers. I think that Corinne makes it a little bit harder each time which is good as it helps to learn-but not too hard at first. We also do very good games and you can play them afterwards with your mummy and daddy. You don’t get bored in French lessons. I was really happy when I got to school because I had my lessons with Corinne and could talk a little bit with everyone. Corinne is really good, I really like having lessons with her. She is kind and funny. I think she is the best at teaching French.
(Thea, UK, age 7)

** I HAVE BEEN having lessons with Corinne for about a year. I studied French at school but could really only remember the basics when we arrived in Monaco. Corinne has taken me to almost intermediate level in a short time and I now find it much easier to navigate daily life here. Her lessons are well structured with a lot of variety.

Corinne is excellent at explaining technical grammar points which I never grasped during my many years of school French. She is also just a lovely person to spend time with and is happy to work around family life.
Corinne also taught my 6 y/o daughter with huge warm and skill, which gave huge confidence for starting school.
I would highly recommend signing up.
(Jessica, UK)

** OUR SON WAS a late “talker” and being 4,5 he still did not have a language. We knew he was smart but we could not get the words out of him since he clearly had problems pronouncing them. The school advised us to go to an ortophonist, however we did not feel it was e good match for our son.
We made an agreement with Corinne when our son was 5 to come to our house 3 times a week in the lunch break for 45 minutes-1 hour to speak with our son and help him gain a voice.
After 3 months we had a totally changed boy. Full of confidence, talking all day long. Not perfect but so well on his way.
After the summer we will continue with the lessons 2 times a week until he is confident and he says stop. Because he absolutely loves the lessons with Corinne. We can’t give a better recommendation than that.
(Christina, Denmark)

**CORINNE IS wonderful. So patient and kind - but equally always challenges. With a mix of grammar, vocabulary and conversation no two lessons are ever the same. And flexibility to do either in-person or virtual lessons (or a mix!) is an added plus. As I adjust to life - and the new language - in Monaco, I don’t know what I would do without her!
(Joanne, UK)

** I RECENTLY took a few months of conversational French with Corrine (via Zoom, under the circumstances). I had a lot of “holes” in my French from making the same mistakes since I started learning 8 years ago when I moved to Monaco. So, after she helped me with the corrections, I make the mistakes less and less. I am more confident speaking French now, and since I don’t get to practice my French every day, it was very helpful to have a few extra hours per week.
She is very kind and very patient. And she understands that life gets crazy at times and you might not have had time to do homework! I would recommend Corinne to anyone wishing to improve their French.
(Kristin, Monaco resident from USA)

22. avr., 2022


I think I was traumatized by my high school french treacher. Corinne helped me through this, so that now I dare to speak French. Thank you Corinne. You make the difference!

20. déc., 2021


Het is heel fijn om in mijn "eigen" taal franse les te krijgen van een heel erg deskundig en zeker bevlogen Corinne met liefde voor de taal en de mens die jezelf bent. Geduldig en motiverend past zich aan, aan jou, want daar draait het uiteindelijk om
wanneer je wat wilt leren. En ik ben op de goede weg dankzij Corinne Merci beaucoup!